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I must apologise: development of these lessons is on hold for now.

The good news is that I’m writing a book. It’s tentatively titled Learning Python the Visual Way. I’ll be working with the good folks at No Starch Press, purveyors of the finest in geek entertainment. You can expect a refined and designed version of what I’ve provided online, printed in full colour with new chapters and nice margins to scrawl in.

I will finish off the remaining lessons (listed below), but cannot say exactly when. You can visit from time to time to check for updates, or subscribe via RSS.

My thanks go to Åke Jonsson for his feedback on the lessons I’ve posted up to this point.

In development
Lesson 8: Functions
Lesson 9: Object-Orientation
Lesson 10: Some Physics
Bonus Lesson: 3D and Shaders

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